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Increase Your Revenue and Profits With People Counter

Turn a mobile device into a powerful tool to analyse your activity traffic.

The app that allows you to measure the real world like a website.

Analysing people counting, revenue, staff and social or seasonal events you can create results to optimize your activities.
With our free App in few simple steps you can start counting and analysing your customer traffic:

  • in your shop;
  • in your chain stores;
  • in your shopping malls;
  • in public environments.

people tally counter app

People Tally Counter: photocell and connection cable
Example: people-counter smartphone connected to sensors by an audio cable.

The simplest and cheapest way to get a traffic analyser:

  1. Download and install for free our People Tally Counter App in an Android mobile device and...
    ⇒ you get a manual people counter;
  2. Connect the Android mobile device to photocells and...
    ⇒ you get an automatic people counter;
  3. Sign up for this website and active the People Tally Counter App and...
    ⇒ you get the current day online statistics of your people counter;
  4. Subscribe to the People Counter Web Services and...
    ⇒ you get a full set of online statistics and data reports.

people tally counter app

Our people counter system provides information that will help you to optimize your business, works online and connects data to Google Analytics

people counting

People counters are vital for correct decision making in your business activity: infact, by counting your visitors you're able to evaluate marketing actions, strategies, and many other factors about your activities. It's the appropriate way that enables you to make correct decisions.

We designed and developed in house this people counting solution with an innovative APP for Android, specific web applications and dedicated hardware. This approach has given us the capability to personalize all levels between our software and the hardware, placing our people counter strategy way ahead of many competitors. For instance, our people counting system helps retail stores to calculate KPI (Key Performance Index) analyzing their marketing and instore performances and much more.

Click here for a more detailed discussion of the people counter strategic vision.

An Innovative People Counter System

People Tally Counter is an innovative supplier of people counting systems: all systems include technology that can be easily expanded and upgraded to prevent you to lose your investment. Both small and large companies can rely on this people counter system for customer traffic detection and analysis. Each people counter (from the starter to the professional solutions) incorporate the efficient technology in sensing, data collection and reporting.

Our people counter system provides critical information you need to leverage your business:

  • How many potential customers visit your store?
  • How many of these potential customers actually make a purchase?

And just by this knowledge you will be able to:

  • Analyze customer flows
  • Examine customer traffic trends
  • Determine optimal opening days/hours
  • Evaluate impact of marketing activity (advertising, promotions, ect.)
  • Estimate weather impact on performances
  • Improve your staff planning
  • Identify high performing stores/employees

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate is defined as the ratio of the number of transactions and the number of visitors, and it's considered one of the most important indicators of retail performance: to have a people counter means to gain a constant monitoring of the conversion rate, getting crucial information to improve your profitability.

Marketing Impact

Investiment return of marketing activity is one of the most relevant parameter to realize an incisive business planning. A people counter system do represent a reliable tool to verify it by allowing the determination of both the number of visitors and the conversion rate.