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Good Ideas Worth Spreading

We do believe that imagination is the key to improve life, because it allows to conceive how it could be despite of what it is.

In the era of the global communication, the effort of small companies must be aimed to project original assembling of standard tools to achieve new goals, and to let their ideas freely spreading worldwide.

That's why we chose to develop a free application for mobile devices that changes the way of things in the tally counters world. is an Italian independent company that develops innovative services and products mainly focused to Internet Business Consulting.


Who Are We?

Massimo Rigoni Savioli Massimo Rigoni Savioli
I've been in the IT world since 1977, so I could see the dawn of the Internet while I was a student in the U.S. My passion always drove me to explore different fields and to create business companies like the Artel Software House Inc (sold to Wolter Kluwer group in 2001). My favourite sport? Analysing problems and finding out solutions with lateral thinking.


Giovanni Taverna Giovanni Taverna
Fond of science and technology, I discovered the IT world coding Basic on my very first computer, a Commodore 64. After the astronomy degree in Padua, I started working as IT consultant and maths teacher. What do I like most? Solving problems with innovative and original solutions.