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App Manual

External commands

people tally counter: app back icon Tap the back button of the device to close the App.
people tally counter: app menu icon Tap the menu button of the device to make show (1) and hide the Top Menu on the top of the screen.
If the device does not have the external menu button, use the internal menu button described here below.

Menu Button

people tally counter: menu button Tap the internal menu button on the top right corner of the device screen to make the Top Menu pop up (1).

(1) Note: if you set a password to protect the App Menu, you'll be asked for entering it before proceeding.

Top Menu

  • Counts: displays the counts screen (and hides the Top Menu)
  • Settings: opens the configuration screen
  • Help: shows a brief manual

Counts Screen

The total counts of the current day are displayed in the middle of the screen.
If the Doubles Mode is active (see Advanced Configuration for details) also current hits are shown, since they differ from counts. On the contrary, in the Singles Mode hits coincide with counts and then are not displayed.

If the Manual Mode is enabled, an action button shows up to allow you to add hits by clicking it.

A test mode label appears when the App is configured in test modality.

Settings Screen

Test Mode
When Test Mode is selected the App does not record hits in memory.
This modality is useful to get the hands with the App, to verify the connection with the photocells, etc.

Input Type
You can choose between the following types of input:

  1. manual: you add the hits simply pushing a button in the main display (Counts Screen)
  2. headset port: insert the input cable into the earphones port of the mobile device
  3. usb port: plug the input cable to the USB port of the mobile device
  4. bluetooth port: connect the input cable to the mobile device via bluetooth

Code of the Device
The device code is a random generated sequence of 12 digits. It's requested to register the mobile device in this website in order to enable the online storing and get access to the online statistics.

Web Storage
Click this button to activate the web storing of data.
activate the web storage
The device must be registered in this website to be enabled to proceed.

Upload Scheduling
Once the web storage has been activated, choose the time interval for the data uploads among the values listed below:
  • every 15 minutes
  • every 1 hour
  • every 4 hours
  • never
If you want to stop uploading, set to never.

Verify Google Analytics
Click this button to check if the app is correctly linked to Google Analytics.
check Analytics
Your website URL and Google Analytics tracking ID must be associated to the device registered in this website to be enabled to proceed.

Enable Google Analytics
Once the integration with Google Analytics has been verified, you can enable or disable the tracking mode by selecting this option.

You can prevent accidental screen switches and App exits by setting a simple password choosing between a secret word or a secret number.
  • none (no password is requested to show the top menu – if hidden – or to close the App)
  • ****** (enter this secret word to proceed)
  • ****** (enter this secret number to proceed)
Warning: this option is not intended for a security purpose, it's just a basic precaution to dissuade unauthorized people to handle your device inappropriately. Nevertheless, we strongly advice you to keep your device(s) out of reach of unauthorized persons.

Advanced Settings
This section of the App configuration controls delicate features, so you should use it with awareness.

App Version
The current version of the running People Tally Counter app.

Export Data
Click this button to to export all raw data (as event timestamps) into a CSV formatted file.
export data
At the end of the procedure, a list of applications will show up, depending of what is installed in the device (commonly the list could include an e-mailer, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.), to choose how to transfer the file.

Double/Single Hit Mode
The App has essentially two modes of working:
  1. as a transit meter
  2. as a presence meter
Transit meter: the App simply records the number of events (traffic, inventory, etc.) and displays the total counts, which are consequently equal to the number of registered hits.
Presence meter: it shows the number of individuals (people, cars, etc.) that has entered into a closed space (shop, office, garage, etc.) supposing an unique way-in/out. In this case, one count is added every two hits.

Data Reset
All recorded data are flagged in order to be uploaded again. This action is needed if you want to switch the Doubles/Singles Mode and some data have already been uploaded to the web storage, so old counts must be recalculated to match the current modality, and then uploaded again. If your device is not activated, no data could have been uploaded and this action is useless.
Note: depending on the amount of data, the procedure can need a long time to be successfully performed.

Help Screen

A short offline version of this manual is displayed.