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The People Tally Counter System

The People Tally Counter System is an innovative solution to get an automatic tally counter in few simple steps using standard electronic components

The core idea is to take advantage of mobile applications and technologies to build an advance computing system that handles events from sensors and send them to a cloud-based structure for the data consultation.

The use of standard items makes feasible to contain costs without reducing features and performances. In addition, mobile devices allow the great opportunity to handle network connections natively via standard protocols, while web-servers grant global access to remote data with very common procedures.

Our software strategy is based on a free App for Android devices that receives events from sensors and send them to a remote data webserver.

To spare you spending time in seeking and assembling components, we propose:

We also present a way to make your personal solution providing a list of Accessories by which you can build a People Tally Counter System by yourself (or you may decide to buy a kit with all the requested components).