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If you haven't a Professional or an Advanced Solution, in addition to the App installed in your mobile device you need to get some hardware components in order to create an automatic tally counter system. You may choose to purchase our accessory proposal or to find the equipment by yourself.


Starter Kit

It contains all the accessories to make your mobile device fully operative according to the solution strategy for developers and DIY aficionados:

People Tally Counter: Starter Kit
  • a set of sensors;
  • an audio adapter.


If you do not wish to buy a kit, you can get accessories by yourself reading below for details.



People Tally Counter Accessory: photocells

Photocells must have a normally open contact to work properly with the app.
We suggest infrared sensors to improve the accuracy of measurements (infrared LEDs are more powerful, less influenced by environmental lights and by the color of detected objects).

If you wish, you can get them in the Amazon store by clicking here «


Audio input adapter

People Tally Counter Accessory: audio adapter

Events detected by sensors (e.g. photocells) are sent to the mobile device using a wire cable connected to the headphones socket.

If you wish, you can get it in the Amazon store by clicking here «


People Tally Counter Accessory: extension cable

Extension cable

If you need a conductor wire to extend the connection from the device to the sensors, we strongly suggest a security alarm cable.

If you wish, you can get it in the Amazon store by clicking here «

Feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need help or wish to buy a customized kit for your specific needs.