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Advanced Solution

The Advanced Solution is based on a strategic development of the People Tally Counter system in order to improve versability:

  • ★ Top simplicity of assembly and use.
  • ★ Both the device and the App automatically restart working after a power cut.
  • ★ The App configuration is operative from your pc.
  • ★ Multi-device management from your pc.
  • ★ Data upload to the Statistics Web Server also with the devices disconnected from Internet.

People Tally Counter: Advanced Solution

• Sensors

IR photocells with reflector and a wired sensors-to-device connector.

• Device

The device is a mini-pc to grant efficiency, strength and minimal size.

• Connection type

Sensors are connected to the device by cable.

People Tally Counter: Advanced Solution
Scheme: a place (shop, office, etc.) with sensors at the entrance and the device on the opposite side.

Assembly Instructions

  • Place the sensors across the passage you want to monitor.
  • Connect the sensors to the device.
  • Do some passage tests.

Configuration Instructions

  • Download and install the configuration program in your pc.
  • Unplug the device, extract the USB drive and insert it in your pc.
  • Use the configuration program to set up the device.
  • Re-insert the USB drive in the device and turn it on.

→ Important: the device must be connected to the Internet in order to be able to transfer data to this website for the Online Statistics Service or to be integrated with Google Analytics.
Please refer to the Online Services help page to see how to activate the Online Statistical Services or the Google Analytics integration.

Download the program PTC-Tools to manage the devices of the Advanced Solution:

User guide