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How to sign up with this website

Click here and enter your best email address. That's all.

How to register a mobile device in this website

Device registration is requested in order to enable the Web Storage of data (see manuale app for details) and then get the online statistics.

After logged in this website, click the Dispositivi Registrati item of Area Riservata menu.

To register a device you are requested to insert the app code installed in the device (you can find it in the Settings Screen of the app). The other 3 fields are optional.

  • Codice [Required]: a univocal numeric code.
  • Descrizione [Optional]: a short text that can help you to identify a device among the others.
  • ID di Monitoraggio Analytics [Optional]: the Google Analytics tracking code of your website.
  • URL del sito web [Optional]: your website URL.

Please note that the Analytics ID and the Website URL fields are necessary only if you wish to activate the Google Analytics service.

How to activate the Google Analytics Service

The Google Analytics Service, available to users who joined a subscription plan, allows to insert the events detected by sensors in the Google Analytics statistics pages: in fact, with this app feature the counts measured by sensors are registered in the Google Analytics account of user's website.

All that can be achieved in few simple steps:

  • Subscribe a plan (if not done yet)
  • Take care to fill and save the Analytics ID and the Website URL fields* in your device registration page of this website.
  • Click on the get file link in your device list to download a special tracking file that you must upload at the URL specified in the Website URL field.
  • In the Settings Screen of the app, click on the check Analytics button to verify the connection, and then enable the Google Analytics option.

* Notes:
– you can find your website Tracking ID in the (Basic) Settings Property of the Admin section in your Google Analytics account.
– you can simply enter your website domain (es. and then upload the tracking file just in your website root.

How to activate the Online Statistical Services

The online statistics are available only for registered devices.

The last 24 hours data counts statistics are available for all users: log in and click on the Statistiche menu.

The advanced statistics are available for users who have joined a subscription plan by logging in and selecting an item from the Statistics list menu to access the report pages.

How to join a Subscription Plan

After logged in this website, click the Subscription menu to join the Annual Plan at only 8 € per month.
No personal information is stored in our databases, and payments are made through the Paypal Systems.

How to download the data list

After logged in this website, click the Dispositivi Registrati item of Area Riservata menu.

In your registered mobiles list, click the scarica file CSV link (Lista dati column) in the row of the device whose data you want to get.

You'll be prompted to download a CSV file containing all stored data uploaded from that specific device. Data are splitted in two columns: date-time and counts per hour.


The Application Programming Interface (API) service permits to get your data stored in the remote database by an HTTP call to the People Tally Counter web server.
Click here to download the technical manual.